Misconceptions and truths about Viagra and exercise

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  1. So, will Viagra help me exercise better?

As I was thinking about what kind of good article to introduce, I came across an article like this. ‘I feel like I exercise better when I take Viagra.’ Let’s take a quick look at whether this is true or not, and briefly tell you what to watch out for when you consume Viagra after purchasing it.

In conclusion, not at all. On the contrary, it can cause side effects, so never follow it. But if you look closely, the answer is half right and half wrong.

Some people often say, ‘I feel less short of breath than usual, and I feel like I’m working out better’ after taking an erectile dysfunction drug such as Viagra. However, this is not a good exercise, but if you look at the background of the birth of Viagra and how it works, you can understand why it is less short of breath.

Viagra is a success from a failure. It was developed as a treatment for angina and failed, but it was a great success as an erectile dysfunction treatment that works in the wrong place and solves the pain men have suffered for a long time. The main purpose was to make blood flow smoothly and prevent rupture by dilating blood vessels to widen high blood pressure and clogged blood vessels.

Because of this, taking Viagra dilates blood vessels, so isn’t it more effective during exercise? is something that can be questioned. However, this is only a wish and has not been accurately verified. Erectile dysfunction drugs such as 비아그라 구매 and Cialis respond selectively to the penis area by vasodilation, not elsewhere.

Even in the case of facial flushing, which is a typical side effect, it is a phenomenon that occurs as vasodilation of the face part rather than the vasodilation of the entire body and has nothing to do with exercise. Moreover, just because the blood vessels are dilated doesn’t mean you’ll get better exercise. Consistent exercise depends on your mindset.

  1. Viagra in hypertensive patients

It is always important to keep in mind that Viagra is a drug that can cause many side effects. The best way to stabilize blood pressure is to expel foreign substances from the blood vessels through regular exercise. High blood pressure is caused by fast blood flow due to the narrowing of blood vessels. When the blood vessel narrows and then blocks, it bursts and causes a big problem due to bleeding.

For example, if a high blood pressure patient takes blood pressure medication, drinks alcohol, engages in strenuous exercise, etc., and the surrounding weather becomes hot, sudden low blood pressure may come. In addition, if you take Viagra, you should be careful as it can be even more dangerous due to extremely low blood pressure.

And people who have had cardiovascular expansion surgery should not take erectile dysfunction drugs even more. There is a drug to be taken continuously in the state of artificially dilated blood vessels, and it is prescribed a nitrate-type drug. The addition of these nitrate drugs and Viagra can increase hypotension and be life-threatening.

This is the reason why you should tell your partner that you have taken Viagra or Cialis after you take it. In the event of an emergency, if an ambulance is called and the nitrate-based drug is administered while transported to the hospital, it may put you at extreme risk, so you should always inform your partner as a precautionary measure. This is not only the dosage instructions but also the part that doctors and pharmacists always pay attention to when purchasing.

  1. Viagra as a treatment for altitude sickness and how to use it correctly

Considering the above exercise contents, research has been conducted with the content that Viagra has been effective for a while as a treatment for altitude sickness. Altitude sickness is an abnormality in the body caused by a lack of oxygen after climbing a high mountain. This is a problem that can occur when the oxygen level in blood vessels falls, and the study was conducted with the idea of ​​increasing blood flow with Viagra, but this study was soon invalidated.

As a result, it was possible to solve altitude sickness, but it was not recommended. Although there are cardiopulmonary-related effects like this, it dramatically affects exercise performance, so it is not possible to see a good exercise effect.

Taking Viagra while exercising is not a very good idea. As a nickname worthy of its name, ‘Happy Drug’, it should only be used for pleasant sex life. As seen in #2, if you always follow the precautions and take the right amount of medicine, you can live a happy life as the nickname suggests.

I hope that you will have a pleasant life by knowing exactly what drugs such as Viagra and Cialis are, and purchasing them. thank you.

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