Comparing Viagra with Cialis and Levitra

All these ED drugs belong to PDE5 inhibitor group. It was the first medication to be introduced into the market. Only after this Cialis and Levitra is introduced. Compared to other drugs, Viagra is the only drug that the researchers did more clinical trials.

Even though all these three drugs have different active ingredients, they have the same working procedure for impotence condition. Every medication that is mentioned here is very effective. If you still have concerns, people can also choose to get viagra free samples to give it a try and if they are satisfied they can go for the pill 비아그라 구매.

Can I really Get Viagra without seeing a doctor?

No, you are not supposed to get Viagra without a prescription. This drug might not be suitable for all patients. Some might get allergic reactions while taking the medicine whereas few heart patients should not take it 비아그라 구매.

So, it is better to consult with the doctor before taking it for the treatment. Do not go for Viagra without prescription at any situation.

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