viagra for women

According to the registered indication, Viagra is not intended for use in women. The drug does not affect the sexual arousal of a woman in any way.
viagra and alcohol

The drug at a dose of 50 mg did not enhance the hypotensive effect of ethanol at a small concentration in the blood of healthy volunteers.

But the general recommendation – do not take alcohol in combination with drugs – is also suitable for Viagra.

Therefore, it is better to refrain from taking alcoholic beverages while taking the drug. Then you can not be afraid of imposing the negative effects of drugs and alcohol on the body.
Viagra or Cialis – which is better

Viagra is the first drug, branded and popular so far. 비아그라 구입 , his main competitor Cialis appeared. The cardinal differences between drugs are the chemical formula and duration of action. Tadalafil in Cialis “supports” a man for 36 hours.

Viagra and Cialis are prescription drugs. The selection of therapy should be carried out by a doctor, taking into account the patient’s age, condition, concomitant diseases, and medications already taken.

If the doctor recommends both remedies, then the patient’s preferences and personal experience will help to decide which is better.

Viagra was the first effective and safe drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. She made a breakthrough in the history of sexual medicine. Analogues and generics, which appeared later, will long remain second in people’s minds. This does not detract from their importance – the choice allows you to expand the circle of users, choose the best remedy for individual indications.
Weak erection

In medicine, a weak erection is also called erectile dysfunction. Erection depends on many factors, such as a person’s age, general health, hormone levels, nerve fiber conduction, blood flow, mental state and emotions. A weak erection occurs due to the influence of one or more of the above factors: for example, only because of severe stress, the hormonal balance has changed or, in addition to the influence of stress, the blood flow of the penis has deteriorated.g

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