The role of sildenafil in the life of a man and a woman

Erectile dysfunction is a widespread phenomenon and has a significant impact on the life of not only a man, but also his sexual partner.
Objective: to study the sexual partners’ assessment of men with ED of their sexual life before their men started taking PDE-5 iPDE-5 and after the course of treatment.
Material and Methods: a monocenter cohort study was conducted, which included 128 men with mild to moderate ED aged 32 to 54 years. All patients took sildenafil 50 mg “on demand” for 3 months. At the end of therapy, the patients’ wives were interviewed about their satisfaction with the quality of treatment of their husbands.
Results:the positive effect of sildenafil was noted by 83 (64.84%) patients. 43 wives agreed to answer questions. Initially, 38 (88.37%) wives rated the couple’s sex life as unsatisfactory, although 5 women did not consider their husband’s ED to be a problem, since they themselves had low sexual desire. After 3 months sildenafil therapy, 19 (44.18%) women considered their family sex life to be good, 22 (51.16%) – excellent. At the same time, according to 2 (4.65%) women, there were no changes, which once again proves that for a woman in sex, one good erection from a sexual partner is not enough.
Conclusions:sildenafil plays an important, albeit indirect, role in a woman’s life – it increases her sexual satisfaction by improving the erection of her sexual partner. According to the study, 95.35% of women are satisfied with the results of treatment of their sexual partners with sildenafil.

Key words: sildenafil, erectile dysfunction, female sexual dysfunction, prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, treatment of erectile dysfunction.

For citation: Kulchavenya E.V., Breusov A.A. The role of sildenafil in the life of a man and a woman. breast cancer. 2016;23:1542-1545.

Sildenafil and its role in sexual life
Kul’chavenya EV 1 , 2 , Breusov AA 3

1 Novosibirsk Research Institute of Tuberculosis
2 Novosibirsk State Medical University
3 Medical Center «BIOVER», Novosibirsk

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is common in the population and significantly affects the life of a man and his sexual partner.
aim. To analyze the assessment of sex life by the partners of men with ED before and after the treatment with phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors.
시알리스 and methods. Monocentric cohort study included 128 men aged 32–54 years with mild and moderate ED. All patients received sildenafil 50 mg taken as needed for 3 months. Patients’ wives were interviewed on the quality of the treatment of their husbands. Study endpoint was the analysis of this assessment.
results.83 patients (64.84%) reported on the positive effect of sildenafil. 43 wives agreed to answer the questions. At baseline, 38 wives (88.37%) rated their sex life with the partner as “bad”, however, 5 women did not consider husband’s ED as an issue due to their own low “sexual appetite”. After 3-month treatment with sildenafil, 19 women (44.18%) rated the sex life as “good” and 22 women (51.16%) as “excellent”. 2 women (4.65%) reported on no changes thus demonstrating that strong erection does not guarantee better sex life.
Conclusions. Sildenafil plays two important roles in woman’s life. First (direct role), it improves reproductive status. Second (indirect role), it improves sexual life through the stronger erection of a sexual partner. 95.35% of women were satisfied with sildenafil treatment of the partner.g

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