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Another exercise to develop “muscle potency”: You sit on a chair slightly inclined forward, but the shoulders should be of raspravleny.
Imagine that on the chair seat was poured, for example, buckwheat and mentally You’re trying to their muscles to suck it into himself, the area between the testicles and anus, well, like a vacuum cleaner. Relax and repeat several times page. If You are doing the exercise correctly, the muscles of the buttocks remain almost relaxed. General recommendation: the load increase very gradually the amount of exercise to do on sensations, starting only 10 times of execution of each exercise – the effects will still be noticed after a couple of days and then you will begin to enjoy gymnastics.
A set of exercises for male enhancement, restoration, and improvement of potency.
Exercises to increase potency borrowed from yoga.

Can I ask a question? One day I got up (the drink was hungover, plus enough cold outside and the heating didn’t work and the girl lay a log. just an unfortunate coincidence))). Health and the way I have all the rules, but now there are constant checks of combat readiness of units: kissing a girl, and have me all the attention to a member, worth it or not? Or any pornokartinki and I immediately tense up and wait for an erection. When I forget – all the rules, necessary, and is only to begin to control yourself, as the excitation does not remain also a trace and all the attention on the pants. And sex now Sanchez word I’m afraid will only member to think. How to cure?
Contusion of the coccyx. In the supine leg bent at the knees, put your hands behind your head. Breathe belly 12 times at a fast pace. Then 24 times a little to move my pelvis to the side, as if rubbing tailbone. “The plow.”

Lie on your back head to the wall (two feet from the wall). Hands along the body. Raise your legs up and try your toes to touch the wall. If possible, fix this position and move the socks down. Stay in this position. Make 4-6 breaths. Then slowly bend your legs to return to starting position, relax the muscles, breathe more deeply. If this exercise turns out well, it can be a little difficult. On the inhale, elevate your legs over your head so that your fingers touch the floor. Close your eyes and breathe with your belly (diaphragm). Make 4-6 breaths. Then on the exhale, slowly straighten so that the vertebrae touch the floor one by one. When the back lies on the floor, straighten the legs vertically upwards, take a deep breath and exhale slowly to lower legs. Relax the muscles of the body. Repeat 4-6 times.

“Turning basin”. To sit on a chair top (facing the back). Holding on to the back, rotate the pelvis in a circle. Breathing with your belly and while exhaling sharply involves the anus (anus). The rotation of the pelvis makes very smooth. During one rotation time to inhale and exhale. Repeat 8-16 times. To sit down, completely relax.
In terms of sex never had a problem. All the cheers. Met a girl, fell madly in love (feelings are mutual), insanely beautiful, afigitelno body, all at altitude. How to sex came the same problem as the author. Within a month it wasn’t working, Sora about it, she saw the reason in yourself (like I do not excite).
Psychological erectile dysfunction, is solved by a simple adoption of tablets 시알리스, and everything will be as it should, and for the prevention well, especially here in such cases which are taking place in our lives, and then there will be opportunities for the emergence of skeletons in the closet, which then will only be to cheat the problem. All will be as it should.
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