What is the vaginal laser?

It is the C02 laser, which in turn, through really small affects of thermal strength, favors the production of superior quality collagen in the vaginal region, raising the thickness regarding the mucosa plus the elasticity and water balance of the cells.

The vaginal lazer is an effective solution, which in turn is performed in an outpatient foundation, in consultation and without hospital admission, which often relieves, reduces or eliminates the signs and symptoms linked to the lack of estrogen.

Together with three laser periods, with an time period of just one month between each one, it is usually enough to be able to stimulate the technology of collagen, in addition to improve the Ph of the vagina. Throughout subsequent annual check-ups, each patient is usually assessed whether a new reminder session is usually necessary.

The oral laser session may last, at most, between 15 and something like 20 minutes, it is carried out inside the consultation (not inside the operating room) and even, after the session, the patients may immediately continue with their normal life. It is recommended to avoid sexual intercourse during the 1st 5 days right after its application rather than to carry out and about activities which could make pressure around the treated area during the initial 3 to 5 days after remedy (cycling, horse driving… ).

Most gynecological laser sessions are performed without anesthesia, although it is essential to note of which each woman will be different and it is always required to agree along with each patient if they prefer or need local anesthesia.

The regeneration process lasts a few weeks, nevertheless the stimulation is definitely immediate. The outcomes are noticeable very early, they will be cumulative and many people perceive the improvements from the very first session. Prolonged a result of treatment (from 6 to 12 months).

It is a procedure that, throughout expert hands plus with quality equipment, has no issues or post-treatment sequelae. Unwanted side effects are local, transitory and infrequent. In some instances they can result in an increase in vaginal release, a slight burning sensation, hardly any bleeding and, temporarily and only in 4-6% associated with cases, urge incontinence. this way that the treatment has no contraindication.
How will the gynecological laser beam work?

The laser beam in gynecology is usually performed with some sort of head that will be inserted into the vagina and emits a new beam of arctic energy which is utilized 360� on the whole surface from the vagina.

This favors bloodstream flow and increases the production of brand-new collagen, allows managing the vaginal mucosa as well as walls, bettering their laxity, genital dryness, mild urinary incontinence, etc.
Benefits associated with the vaginal laserlight

All women might undergo vaginal laser treatment, there are simply no contraindications:

In younger women who, following one or even more vaginal deliveries, endure from overdistention regarding the vaginal surfaces and have lost the standard tone plus elasticity of the particular vaginal mucosa.
For the treatment involving mild to average bladder control problems, vaginal laxity and vaginal dry skin.
During menopause, any time there are urogenital symptoms: vulvovaginal atrophy, vaginal dryness, irritability, burning, itching, pain during sexual intercourse or mild or even moderate urine damage.
오나홀 which has a history of breast cancer presenting with penile dryness and also a contraindication to the utilization of estrogen treatment.
Ladies with episiotomy scratch discomfort and discomfort during sexual sex.g

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